World Yoga Federation (WYF) is an institution dedicated to the cause of Yoga. We aim to bring together Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers, Yoga schools, Yoga Associations – everyone interested in Yoga, in other words –  on a common platform where everyone can share their experiences and understanding of Yoga.

We aim to achieve this through the development of  a fully featured electronic portfolio system designed to help people interested in Yoga. Electronic Portfolios (e-Portfolios) are dynamic spaces representing your professional “self” on the Web.

These e-Portfolios are designed to include examples of skills and achievements. The World Yoga Federation platform serves as a location on the Web to share knowledge and practical hints on the practice and teaching of Yoga.

Membership in the World Yoga Federation is open to everyone interested in Yoga, subject to some terms and conditions.

Registration is open to the following categories of persons:

Individual Yoga practitioners

Individual Yoga practitioners – who may not be professional Yoga teacher, but would still like to share their knowledge – can send in articles related to Yoga

Yoga teachers

Professional Yoga teachers will have to share resumes and must include contact details and photographs, and any other related information

Yoga schools

In addition to contact details and photographs, Yoga schools are encouraged to provide video links that showcase their classes

Yoga Associations

Yoga Associations (associations of Yoga schools and other similar organizations) can showcase their events and other activities.

All members are required to create e-portfolios of their work – this is a pre-requisite for obtaining Registration with WYF.

For more information on creation and submission of your e-portfolio, please contact us.


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